Why Choose Bah Bah Blacktail Farm

Solar Sheep? 
The way we see it, 1 acre equals 43,650 square feet of solar collector. As good gardeners, we try to use every ray of solar energy wisely. Grass and forbs grow well on our pastures on the side of Little Blacktail Mountain. Our sheep are extremely efficient users of solar energy and happily transform the cellulose from the plants they eat into high quality animal protein.
They live the “Good Life” grazing naturally on fresh pasture each day.  Besides using rotational grazing, we tend to their needs for safety, shelter, good water and minerals, and the freedom to socialize with their buddies.  As Spring Lambs (so cute, little and bouncy) they stay with their mothers until adolescence at 4-5 months when their mothers have done their job.  At 5-6 months they are young adults (think twenty-something) ready to start offspring of their own.  By the end of the grazing season, as we approach autumn’s harvest, they have grown from 7-8 lbs. to 90-120 lbs. (not so cute or little).  It is truly impressive what these sheep can do with a little sunlight and good pasture.

Wholesome Food

Rest assured that you are getting safe, wholesome meat when you purchase a lamb from Bah Bah Blacktail Farm. We raise top quality sheep of the breeds such as Katahdin which demonstrate high natural resistance to parasites.  Combined with our commitment to good pasture management by rotating them through clean pastures, we basically eliminate the need for pesticides/dewormers.
We never use growth hormones or growth stimulants.  Our sheep are not fed antibiotics or other unnatural feed additives. Medications are only administered when absolutely essential for the health and wellbeing of the animal.  Detailed records are kept on all treatments and withdrawal times are strictly followed.  Though products are considered safe by the USDA and FDA, if you prefer a lamb that has never been treated with antibiotics, because of our recordkeeping, we can confidently offer you this assurance.

We are committed to raising our sheep as sustainably as possible, meaning we want our sheep to be good for the environment. Though they have excellent manure and mineral spreading abilities, not every area should be treated the same. Throughout the farm we maintain wildlife habitat by preserving habitat zones, including arranging our fencing to allow wildlife access to water, sheltering timber and wildlife corridors. As much as is practical we promote native plant species.
Our sheep do the weed control – no need to apply herbicides to our pastures. We use organic farming methods to replenish the soil. We try to give more back to the land than we take from it.

As responsible members of local community, we feed locally grown hay in the winter months.  We purchase our sheep handling equipment, gates, etc. from a local craftsman.  And, of course, local merchants who sell fencing and other farm supplies know us well.
We are pleased to be able to sell our sheep directly to local buyers.
Besides raising sheep for meat and fiber, we also sell breeding stock. New homesteaders who are considering raising sheep should start with proven ewes (those who have been able to give birth successfully and mother their lambs properly). Your first season is not the time to experiment.  We are happy to help you chose appropriate homestead animals and get set up. Most of our customers come to us from word of mouth.

Humanely raised

We love our sheep and know that stress decreases their pleasure and our production. Our sheep are always handled gently and calmly to minimize stress.  Our ewes and their lambs are generally friendly. All sheep have free access to fresh water, salt, outdoors and a shelter at all times. Safe pens are large enough to allow free exercise even in winter when the sheep are not out on pasture.

Respectfully Harvested

In contrast to lambs sold through modern commercial channels, that are often shipped long distances to a feedlot, then later shipped to the slaughter plant, our lambs stay in the same familiar environment from birth to harvest. Because they are harvested right here on our farm by a local butcher, we are able to supervise the killing process to be sure it is immediate and free of pain or fear for the animals.
We are happy to allow for Halal/Kosher butchering - which give special respect to the animal - right on our farm.


Purchasing a butcher lamb from Bah Bah Blacktail Farm is easy.
When your lamb is ready to be harvested, you can decide to process it yourself, or, for your convenience, we can arrange with a local butcher to have the lamb slaughtered, cut and wrapped for you. All you have to do is pick up your packaged frozen meat a week later, cut just how you wanted it. If you’re not sure about your options for butcher, we can help.  We provide charts and cooking instructions/suggestions and a free booklet of foolproof recipes with the purchase of your lamb.

Not sure you want a whole lamb? No problem. We can usually arrange with another buyer to split the purchase of a whole lamb with you.