So, how much meat is on a lamb?

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Approximately 45% of the weight of a live animal is lost in butchering to the hide and guts and approximately 10% is bone and waste, you should figure that a 120 lb. sheep yields about 56 lbs. of meat (47%). So, to make calculations easy, let’s say that you buy a sheep that yields a 60 lb. carcass. Many of our sheep are smaller, which often suits small households. (A typical small sheep might weigh 95 lbs. which would yield 45 lbs. of useable carcass.)

Our 2013 cost for live weight animal is $3/lb. Therefore, the effective price /lb. of a 60lb. carcass will be $396. If you chose to have your sheep processed by a local butcher, this will cost approximately $80-100, paid directly to the butcher. Total cost is $404. In other words, about $6.75 per pound.

What would that much meat cost at current prices in a retail market? $563.32

The following chart shows how much of which kind of cuts a 60 lb. carcass yields and the average grocery store price per pound of each kind of cut.

Cuts & approximate weight

Retail price per pound


LEG (leg of lamb & hind shank)                        13 lbs.



LOIN (loin chops, loin roast/flank)                 15 lbs.



RACK (rib chops, rib roast, ribs)                     5 lbs.



SHOULDER/CHUCK (steaks/chops, roast)     15 lbs.



FORE SHANK/BREAST (stew/shank)             8 lbs.



Retail cost of 56 lbs. lamb meat                                                                                                     $563.32

Your total cost buying direct                                                                $404.00


And the assurance of wholesome, natural pasture fed meat!